Shure Wireless Mic, SHURE SM58 (wired)spare, Mic Stand, 2 XLR feeds for effects box

Bass (Stage Right):
Hartke Bass amp with Direct Out (XLR Connection)
Vocal Mic with Boom Stand

Guitar (Stage Left):
1 XLR connections needed at front of stage left along with power outlet. Alternate setup requires mic'ing of cabinet.
Vocal Mic with Boom Stand

DW Drums:
Single kick: 18X22
(Built in Beta52)
Single Rack Tom: 9x12 (Built in mic Sennheiser 604)
Floor Tom 1: 12x14 (Built in Semmheiser 604)
Floor Tom 2: 14x16 (Built in Beta52 )

Snare: 6 1/2 x 14
 Paiste Cymbals (From Drummer's left to right):
Hi Hat, Crash, Splash, Ride, Crash,
Roland SPD-S Sampler
Set up top LEFT of Hi Hat
Mixing console set up left of Hi Hat(XLR connection, no DI needed)
Vocal Mic with Boom Stand